Monthly Archives: March 2009

  • Post office savings

    Ever had a client convinced that their post office savings are government guaranteed? Well, they’d be right……but not necessarily about which government guarantees them! Perhaps surprisingly the Post Office savings... Read more.

  • Taping phone calls

    One or two ALIFA members have had phone calls from telephone companies suggesting they buy their telephone recording systems so that all conversations can be recorded “in line with new... Read more.

  • Gilt Funds – Risk Warning

    In the current climate some very cautious clients may be looking to improve income over deposit monies by investing in bonds and gilt funds. In these circumstances we would suggest... Read more.

  • Cancelling your authorisation or varying your permission

    Remember, if you want to cancel your authorisation or vary your permission must apply to do so before 31 March 2009 to avoid paying annual fees for 2009/10. If you... Read more.

  • Your life insurance policy is going to cost you £16,472.56

    You might have thought the subject title was leading to a joke – but no! Due to FSA interpretation of an EU directive, we’ve amended suitability letters relating to insurance... Read more.