Monthly Archives: February 2010

  • A salutory lesson

    We thought this was something of interest – the FSA has banned a mortgage broker for not properly controlling his firm and thereby allowing the firm to be used as... Read more.

  • Adviser quizz

    As in previous years we’ve prepared a set of multiple choice questions which you may wish to use as part of an annual competency assessment for advisers. If member firm’s... Read more.

  • Minimum pension age rising from 50 to 55 years

    The forthcoming rise in the normal minimum pension age to 55 years on 6th April 2010 means that: • Retirees born between 7th April 1955 and 5th April 1960 will... Read more.

  • Pension Transfers – what can you do?

    We were asked a while ago whether or not a transfer resulting from a pension sharing order, required pensions transfer authorisation permission (with someone holding G60 AF4 etc). After some... Read more.