Monthly Archives: December 2011

  • One minute guides

    We thought it might be useful to send everyone a reminder about the “one minute guides” on the FSA website – they’re probably one of the more straightforward things the... Read more.

  • EEA Life settlements

    As you may know FSA have taken a view regarding Traded Life Policy Settlements, describing them as “toxic”…… If anyone were thinking about these or has used them in... Read more.

  • Pension drawdown letters

    We’ve attached revised suitability letters for pension drawdown together with an updated drawdown checklist. There are now four template letters, three original formats (Full / Phased / Unlocking) plus another... Read more.

  • Do you have to advise on UCIS to stay independent post RDR?

    There’s been a fair amount of controversy over this issue, especially given the nature of UCIS and the complexities of analysing underlying products. This article appeared in Citywire, which gave... Read more.