Monthly Archives: March 2013

  • Firms Capital Resources Requirements

    As you may be aware the level of capital resources firms must hold is being increased by FSA to a minimum of £20,000 for any firm. However the transitional period... Read more.

  • FSCS levy

    Some firms have requested how the recent FSCS levy was calculated. For the vast majority of the levy, the calculation was based on each firms investment (not including pensions) revenue... Read more.

  • Claims Management Companies

    Time is rapidly approaching where some form of stricter regulation must surely be introduced to curb the unscrupulous activities adopted by many Claims Management Companies. We are currently drafting a... Read more.

  • Transition to the Financial Conduct Authority.

    This seems to be taking it’s time, but progress is being made behind the scenes. FSA have published a FAQ sheet which we’ve attached which addresses a number of issues. ... Read more.

  • Clean share priced funds

    We suggest that as far as possible advisers should use Clean “A” Share priced funds for purchases going forward in preference to the existing retail and/or bundled share priced funds... Read more.