Monthly Archives: May 2013

  • Twitter, Facebook and similar

    You may have seem some comment in the press on how restrictive some networks have been as regards anyone partaking in the “new media” conversations. Clearly some recent cases have... Read more.

  • Initial charges (adviser fees) and pensions

    Following on a recent query and discussion in relation to how initial fees for general financial advice can sometimes seemingly be tax efficiently charged against a client’s pension, we thought... Read more.

  • T&C Schemes

    Firms should undertake an annual review of their Training & Competence schemes to ensure they are still appropriate – and given the recent change to the Financial Conduct Authority now... Read more.

  • Regulatory fees for 2013/14

    The new FCA have recently published a consultation paper which indicates a 15% total increase in their fee requirements. They suggest the overall increase will mainly be borne by larger... Read more.

  • Rebating trail or adviser charges

    As you may be aware HMRC have determined that rebates from providers are, and apparently always have been, chargeable to tax. This has been much discussed in the financial press... Read more.