Monthly Archives: December 2016

  • ALIFA website

    We’re currently in the process of constructing a members area on the ALIFA website, where we will be able to locate a range of documents including draft suitability letters, forms... Read more.

  • Peer2Peer permissions

    Most firms (unless you have already told FCA otherwise) will by default have “Advising on P2P agreements” included within their existing FCA permissions (if you’re in doubt you can check... Read more.

  • Pension Transfer Qualification

    As you may know the current CII qualification required to be able to act as a Pension Transfer Specialist is either G60 or AF3.   G60 was withdrawn from the CII... Read more.

  • Vulnerable Clients

    Whilst most firms will exercise an informal approach to dealing with vulnerable clients, it’s sensible to document notes on the approach to dealing with clients in this position. Vulnerability has... Read more.

  • Powers of Attorney

    A potential issue around Powers of Attorney and the use of Discretionary Fund Managers has cropped up recently. Some DFM’s have been refusing to accept instructions from PoA’s under a... Read more.