Monthly Archives: July 2017

  • Insistent Client Process

    As you are aware, ALIFA has previously taken a cautious stance around insistent client transactions. However, following Dale’s positive discussions with the FCA and FOS, we have now decided to... Read more.

  • Insistent Customers

    Following feedback and information from the FCA and FOS, we are putting together some procedures to once again facilitate a process for advisers who wish to conduct Insistent customer business.... Read more.

  • DB Transfers

    An FCA Policy Statement will follow the Consultation Paper CP17/16 Virtually all IFA advice is currently a personal recommendation, so it is a tad confusing why the FCA have in... Read more.

  • MiFID II

    ALIFA has covered most of the issues in previous posts, but the following expands on some of the points: Whilst MiFID II will not be prescriptive to Article 3 non-MiFID... Read more.