Twitter, Facebook and similar

You may have seem some comment in the press on how restrictive some networks have been as regards anyone partaking in the “new media” conversations. Clearly some recent cases have highlighted just how easy it can be to inadvertently say the wrong thing in the heat of the moment especially if one has strong views on the given topic. However the regulator (in their previous guise as the FSA) had issued some guidance on the subject and while I’ve seen networks calling for more detailed guidance, so far the FSA’s notes are all we have to go on. These can be found at;

Worth checking out if you indulge, but it is (as some networks have said) somewhat generic.  That said much depends on the content you’re expressing – Fair Clear and Not Misleading is clearly a priority, as is a balance of pro’s and con’s etc.  In the absence of further  detailed guidance from the regulator, the best bet is probably to keep things very low key and generic within the confines of the space available.  No tweets about that great UCIS you’ve discovered!!!